Nakedness Dens and Food

My life with four little boys

The all important first entry: introducing nakedness, dens and food

on May 2, 2014

So, I understand it could be considered a little risky to use the word “nakedness” in the name of my blog, but it simply had to be in there. No, it really did. For anyone who may have stumbled across this but does not know who I am, I have the somewhat experiential task of being a mummy to what I consider to be a small tribe of little boys; experiential because it is something you can only really know anything about through experiencing it first hand, experiential because I am basically experimenting and making it up as I go along on a day to day basis and finally, experiential because when it comes to parenting such a large quantity of little guys (four of them by the way), it really can be a full frontal assault on all five of one’s senses! What’s this got to do with nakedness? Well, there’s nothing like having children to bring you back to the basics of life. And when it comes to my boys, I have said for a long time (one of the few things I know to be true rather than the often transient so called “keys” to parenting) is that nothing makes them happier than being allowed to be naked, build dens (inside or outside) and eating – and if I can combine all three then I’m really onto a winner. Hence, if I was ever going to blog about my parenting experiences, it was always going to be entitled Nakedness Dens and Food!

Now, admittedly, I think we all love a den don’t we? I reckon young, old, male or female, given half a chance we’d all take up an opportunity to sit under a blanket balanced precariously on top of the backs of dining room chairs with our favourite drinks and snacks, cushions and a good book once in a while. And when it comes to food, I do appreciate that whilst the saying is “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” when it comes to children, I know boys and girls can be equally as fussy about what they are prepared to put in their mouth so I couldn’t possibly conclude that ALL little boys love food. It’s just that my lot seem to have been born with a sense of priorities which states “above all else: EAT!” (They’re always the children at parties that are the last ones to leave the table of food, and exit with a handful of extra cakes and crisps shoved into their pockets… you’d think they’d never seen food before!) But when it comes to nakedness, and again, I can’t pretend to be the final authority on the matter, I’m sure there are exceptions, but it does seem anecdotally at least, boys of all ages love the chance to throw off the shackles of clothing and let it all, ahem, hang out whenever the chance presents itself! So out of all the words included in the title of this blog, nakedness is the one which I am absolutely certain, will prove to be indicative of the literary pictures of my life with boys.

But there is another sense in which I use the word “nakedness”. As I have mentioned, I freely admit that I am largely making it up as I go along. Despite the explosion of different parenting fads and techniques freely available these days on which to draw from, I am definitely no expert when it comes to parenting… or little boys… or for that matter being a person in general (which I often find just as challenging to be completely honest). I hope however, that in exposing my journey in such a public way, being open with my successes and failures, joys and sorrows, triumphs and tantrums… others will feel encouraged that “it’s not just them” (unless of course the converse is true and it is just me and then for the safety of my children do feel free to call the relevant authorities!) that doesn’t get it, who struggles to make a particular method work with their child, that feels like the whole world is judging their pitiful attempts at dragging up a half decent human being.

So here it is, *insert fanfare if you like* my blog. A small window on how I do being a mummy to four adorable, energetic, challenging, inquisitive and yes, often naked little boys.

Welcome then, to the bare (see what I did there?!) truth of one girls attempt at entering the world of nakedness, dens and food.

And so we begin….


Helen -x-


PS. I promise to add more content and pictures and stuff… just as soon as I work out how!

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