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Confessions from the front line

on May 14, 2014

I’m coming to this entry a bit like how I imagine musicians must feel about making “that tricky second album” after positive reviews of the debut… (and in case you’re wondering, there the analogy ends as in NO other way do I compare myself with musicians of any kinds). I have been really overwhelmed by all the encouraging and lovely things people have said about this blog so far. It’s very humbling to know that so many have given their time to read the ramblings of this ordinary mum just doing ordinary mummying… to varying degrees of success at that.

This week, following a post I spotted called 10 things (almost) every mum does (hopefully that was link to it if it’s worked!) I got to wondering what everyone who read my last entry would really make of my take on parenthood if they knew what would be on my list of things. And I thought it best if I confessed these things at an early stage of blogging so any would-be-followers can decide whether to Pin this to their “parenting” to their “parenting mistakes” board on Pinterest. If you have found my “About Me” section you will already know that I admit to hiding from my children to eat chocolate bars in the pantry. But what else?

Well, here goes…

10 Things this mum of four boys is guilty of on an often regular basis:

1. Eating their sweets and then telling them they already had them (only works for son #2 and #3 as #1 has the memory of an elephant!)

2. Pretending to need the toilet so I can sit down and have a few moments peace (less successful now the lock on the door has broken)

3. Suggesting they use my back as part of the obstacle course for their cars so I can lie down in the middle of it (and actually, a car being pushed up and down your back has a surprising hint of having a massage… if you try really hard to visualise it!)

4. Heavily influencing their love of Dr. Who (Especially the David Tennant years) even though in public I always blame their dad for it.

5. Discouraging standing up wees, even if they are showing an interest, until everything is the right size to avoid excessive spillage

6. Suggesting a third PJ day in a row during the holidays to cut down on the amount washing

7. Instigating a game of sleeping lions so I can sneak a quick nap

8. Being secretly pleased when they started preferring the Gents to the Ladies, forcing my husband to handle toilet trips when we’re out (not my fault I get to wee in peace devoid of running commentary for the general public these days)

9. Forgetting I’d put them on the bottom step and accidentally leaving them there for 20 minutes longer then they should have been (only done that once. Ooops!)

10. Pretending not to notice them comparing each other’s willies… again! (*sigh*)

So there you have it. Still with me? To be honest I had trouble cutting it down to just 10. If only to make me feel slightly better, I’d love to hear what would be on your list… if you’re brave enough to admit it! I’d also love to hear from parents of little girls to see if there are any differences (other than the obvious toilet/willies related ones!). So, consider the gauntlet thrown my friends… time to fess up if you dare 😉 Oh, and by the way, you will no doubt notice that I have now added a form type thing to my blog so all you lovely folk who tell me they had problems leaving a comment on the last post should fair better this time – so no excuses!

Helen -x-

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