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Being “One Of Those Mums” Attempt #1 – The Water Pillow

on July 17, 2014

So, this week began the long school summer holidays where we live and thus signalled my even longer journey into the land of being “one of those mums” (see previous post!). Given the glorious weather we are currently enjoying I decided to get going with this sun friendly “craft” activity which I found on a friend’s amazing blog (who is “one of those mums”) here http://

Now this is my kind of craft as it involves no paint, sticky back plastic or toilet tubes. It was basically set to involve two polythene sheets taped together with duck tape and filled with water to form a large water pillow. Even I could mange that surely?! Just to make sure, fellow villager Julie and her son joined me in the task…


The Travel Log –

Although the idea was to stick two sheets together laying one on top of the other, due to lack of space we folded a 5m x 4m sheet in half instead. My friend’s blog features her four beautiful children all excitedly taking part in the making process however, we have obviously birthed a different breed as our 5 little boys struggled to find the rolling over and sticking the sides down bit interesting enough to hold their attention. Although they showed more excitement when the hose pipe appeared (much more interesting than duck tape admittedly!), the novelty of filling up the pillow wore off after a while so the reality was that the mummies made the pillow whilst the children occupied themselves with water fights and paddling pool rather than us doing the making together. I did manage a couple of snaps though whilst they were still keen (and yes that is my friend’s little boy wearing pants and wellies; why not?!)




By the time we finished the making – which took quite a bit longer than we wanted it to – the boys couldn’t wait to start exploring it; rolling, crawling, jumping, running, sitting and plenty of squealing 🙂 I loved watching my 10 month old explore the sensation of crawling across the water and become captivated by the moving water underneath him. Whilst the older boys simply loved jumping up and down and running on it. It was great fun… for all of about 10 minutes… until we noticed a rip and spotted the leak! But then it was great fun getting wet and splashing about on top of it too. One thing we also managed to do post ripping (by a make shift repair job and rolling over the holes as we held it) was to take it in turns to stand at one end whilst everyone else lifted up the other end to create a wave effect inside the pillow for jumping over, just like at the sea side – the water even made the wave sound which both the mummies found very relaxing! So, although it didn’t last as long as we hoped it would (not sure if we could have used more heavy duty sheets to avoid the early ripping) it was still a success of sorts. And we then used the other sheet we had to make a slide with water and baby lotion which the boys had great fun slipping and sliding on too long after the pillow (and clothing) was no more (do we get extra points for using creative thought in the face of craft based adversity…?).




The Review –

Success Rating: 4/5 (Even though the pillow didn’t technically succeed for long, the activity as a whole was fairly successful as it turned out, when coupled with other water play. If it had survived longer I would have given it a 5)

Fun Factor: 5/5 🙂

Difficulty Level: 1/5 (Even I could manage rolling, sticking and filling!)

Cost: 3/5 (For the length of time it occupied them for, it was probably quite expensive, but I may have felt differently had it not ripped and come to a premature end. The polythene sheets were £4.48 each and duct tape £8.98 from B & Q so £17.94 in total)

Should you try it?: YES 🙂

Go on… you know you want to!!


So that’s me signing off then….


Helen -x-















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