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Being “One Of Those Mums” Attempt #2 – The Water Wall

on July 25, 2014

Week number 2 of our school holidays and still glorious weather (shhh…. don’t remind the shiny thing in the sky that this is England in July or it might go away!) so I decided on another sun friendly water craft activity to have a stab at. Again, fellow villager Julie and her son joined us in the mayhem and we spent a rather enjoyable afternoon together making a Water Wall. I found the idea here at Happy Hooligans, which gives a much better set of instructions for you to follow than my “travel log” in case you want to try it yourself


The Travel Log –

Now this one was really fun to do and totally within even my capabilities. A really simple way to re-use bottles, tubs and pots from the recycling bin in a creative way. After explaining to the boys what we were making (persevering through a few initial blank looks… which I know how to deal with because it happens a lot when I attempt to talk to my boys…) we had great fun planning, designing and making different sections of our water wall out of all the bits and pieces I had been collecting over the previous few weeks. As well as the recycling I also spent a few pounds on some pipe-joiner-type-plumbing-things (what IS the technical term for those pieces?!) and bought out the faithful duct tape to fasten things together where necessary. In the main everyone really enjoyed this bit. I think it helped that it was so “hands-on” from the off unlike the previous Water Pillow activity. The children got the idea really quickly and came up with some fab suggestions. Whilst we did have to navigate our way through a rather lengthily discussion with my 9 year old about why gravity means that whatever you make, the water really won’t be able to go up hill (Seriously intense child. And exhausting. And yes that is him in a police officer’s costume; well what else do you wear to do craft?!) it held their attention for quite some time.


After we had made a few main pieces we started assembling our water wall on a garden fence. The blog I was following suggested using staples however I found that these were not able to hold everything in place so we ended up using large drawing pins instead (which I just happened to have in a drawer somewhere… I KNOW… get me!). Incidentally, the blog also suggested that you might have some pieces of wood just laying about somewhere to “knock something together” for the wall bit but we all know that I’m not the sort of person who does, so my fence had to do – which it did actually, rather magnificently in my opinion!  We kind of built and tested as we went along to make sure all the holes were in the right place and water could flow easily. And the boys particularly enjoyed holding the hose pipe during the testing whilst the mummies moved things around as this invariably meant giving us a soaking at the same time! As we built it we made more pieces to compliment what we were doing and ended up with the creation you can see in the photos. It certainly captivated the boys on a hot summer’s day and my 9 year old (once he had calmed down from our “discussion” about the limitations of gravity) even extended the activity by making a “shower” using the bird table – which he was really pleased to be able to use to help cool himself down! Coupled with the inevitable water fights and break for an ice lolly doing this activity occupied everyone for a whole afternoon.



The Review –

Success Rating: 5/5 (really rather impressed with how it all turned out. Although, might have been a different story if we had tried to accomplish the same when my 10 month old wasn’t having a long nap! Actually, whilst my little one slept through the whole thing, and I deliberately planned it this way for the older ones, I see no reason why a smaller water wall wouldn’t be suitable for some fun water play with tinies, as long as it was put together in advance and built on a safe surface)

Fun Factor: 5/5 🙂

Difficulty Level: 2/5 (slightly more involved than the making of the water pillow last week but still not that difficult at all really.)

Cost: 5/5 (Negligible if you only use what you would otherwise have recycled plus staples or pins to attach everything. The extra bits I added cost £6.20 for 5 pieces from B & Q but a better parent might have such things “knocking around” somewhere!)

Should you try it?: YES 🙂

– Well I think so anyway. You of course might feel that pinning a load of old margarine tubs and plastic bottles to your fence is an odd thing to do. But trust me, it works!!


So that’s me done for another week then. It’s all going rather well so far. Hope I haven’t peeked to early…


Helen -x-

One response to “Being “One Of Those Mums” Attempt #2 – The Water Wall

  1. Andy says:

    This looks awesome will try and give it a go helen.

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