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Being “one of those mums” Attempt #3 – The Noodle Lightsaber

on August 3, 2014

So. School holidays week 3 and it was time to do cutting and sticking! But don’t panic if you’re more like me than a Blue Peter presenter, if you want to give it a go, I really can testify to how easy it is. Courtesy of a fab idea by fellow villager Julie, I present to you, noodle (the swimming kind, not the pasta kind!) lightsabers…


The Travel Log –

The aim was for the boys to make a single and a double lightsaber each. Now I feel it only fair to point out that the inspiration for this fell firmly into Julie’s court here as what I know about Star Wars, despite having a house full of small and not so small boys, could be fitted easily onto the head of a tiny pin. So I was most definitely following somebody else’s lead with this craft. We started off making the double lightsabers (I don’t even know if that’s the technical term for them but it’s the one I shall stick with coz it makes sense!) by sticking silver masking tape in the middle all the way round. Then all the boys had to do was decorate the silver section appropriately with coloured tape and stickers. And voila!  


The smaller ones were made by simply cutting the noodles in half (which was more successful with a bread knife than scissors) and sticking the silver tape at one end for the handle before decorating as per before. As you can tell lots of artistic license was used with design but they were all very proud of their efforts!


And they had great fun putting them to good use in the garden too… 🙂


So there you have it. I told you it was easy. All you need is a big enough garden to let them run around whacking each other in for a while (which Julie has thankfully) and it’s the making of a fun afternoon! In fact, at the risk of sounding smug, we even turned it into a Star Wars Day (well, what else are you gonna do with a bunch of boys in the school holidays?) with Star Wars colouring and a Star Wars DVD with popcorn too! Really felt like I earned my mum-of-boys brownie points on this one 🙂


The Review –

Success Rating: 5/5 – yes, total success. Lots of light saber-star wars-type making and playing = lots of happy boys 🙂

Fun Factor: 4/5 – Only dropped a point because the initial taping was very adult-led and time consuming so the boys did get a bit bored but once they could be more involved they loved it

Cost: 4/5 – even if you are a signed up member to the “one-of-those-mums” club you’re unlikely to have everything you need just knocking about for this one. But pretty much everything I was assured came from the pound shop, even the noodles, so not too costly at all.

Should you try it?: If you have Star Wars fans then YES! Otherwise, stick to using the noodles for swimming!


Right. No craft next week as we’re off on our family holiday and, as much as I am enjoying this experience, I’m really not going to pack the sticky back plastic, scissors and glitter glue.. even if I had them… which I don’t… but you knew that anyway! In the mean time I’ve got my thinking cap on already for the week we come back. Any other local villagers want to join me…? Go on. You might surprise yourself!


Helen -x-



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