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Being “one of those mums” Attempt #4 – The Decorated Memory Box

on August 19, 2014

At the risk of sounding like I’m making the-dog-ate-it-type-excuses for turning this one in late and for it being such poor quality, last week we kind of entered a twilight zone involving room-fulls  (Is that a word? It should be. Coz that is what they were. Not just lots of rooms that were full, but each room held like a room-FULL… as in a quantity… anyway… ) of washing due to a week away that was punctuated with, and proceeded by, many various illnesses effecting different family members at sporadic times over about a 10 day period. I genuinely didn’t think I would ever get my kitchen floor back and would be destined to climb over piles of dirty clothes, sheets and duvets in front of my washing machine for-EV-ER!


As an apprentice one-of-those-mums I was determined not to let the situation stop me from being… er… one-of-those-mums! Racking my brain for something really, really, easy to do with the boys I remembered son #1’s homework. (Yes. Homework. In the summer holidays. Don’t. Get. Me. Started. Seriously. The education system in this country probably deserves a full scale rant in a post all of its own, so I won’t start one now. But yes, for whatever reason you choose to believe, my nine year old son was given homework over the summer holidays.) One of the tasks set him was to keep a memory box which actually, even I have to admit, is quite a nice idea, and so as not to make him feel too bad for having homework when his brothers didn’t I decided to suggest they all keep one – the big ones that is. Up until now, they had been plain shoe boxes. But, cue one-of-those-mums armed with a plethora of sticky bits, paper bits, drawing bits and cutting bits and I present to you… *Decorated* memory boxes… (I did warn you this one was of poor quality…!)


The Travel Log –

I am almost too embarrassed to write any more on this one. I mean, it really is fairly obvious. Basically, each child was given a shoe box in which to collect things that were significant to them – e.g. the wrist band from the caravan park we stayed on, shells from a beach visit, a flyer from the holiday club they went to. And during this activity they used various “bits and pieces” to decorate the box as they wanted. Two used wrapping paper and one coloured copier paper. They all used stickers of different kinds but one of them also found and printed off some pictures he liked on the computer to use. The photos below (not that you need them to illustrate the explanation) show what we got up to – It might be worth pointing out that if you want to copy this activity yourself, the nakedness is optional!


So simple. The boys had a great time personalising their boxes. And you can fit it in easily between sorting out washing loads!


The Review –

Success Rating: 5/5 – not much to go wrong here really

Fun Factor: 3/5 – yes the boys enjoyed it but admittedly there are probably more exciting things to do. I think the fun factor is actually in the concept of the memory box as a whole rather than just it being something else to decorate for no apparent reason

Cost: 5/5 – dirt cheap 🙂 The shoe boxes came from a local shoe shop for free – just go in and ask. And everything else I really did just have around the house

Should you try it?: Yes, if your little ones are old enough to understand the concept of a memory box, I think its a great thing to do one over a long holiday period, and by all means stick a load of “stuff” over it to add to the excitement!


So there you go. I do feel that what I lacked in imagination (and time) last week I made up for in sheer determination given what I was up against, so I’m claiming extra one-of-those-mum points for that… (thank you very much, don’t mind if I do… ) and for having everything I needed by rummaging around in drawers at home… (oh yes I did clever old me!) But hey, look, I promise the next activity is A LOT more creative so please don’t give up on me yet! I am learning , really I am. No. Really I am. Seriously. I am. OK. Struggling to not sound sarcastic now so signing off.


Helen -x-

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